Social Responsibility

When examining international production orders, we are not just looking at quality, but also at social and employment standards. This is a particularly important issue with respect to production plants in developing and Third World countries.

Binding Codes of Conduct commit suppliers in writing to observe certain social and employment standards inline with the ILO (International Labour Organisation) and other international conventions (UN,...). INTERSPORT has extended its internal auditing by independent monitoring systems and independent international certified auditors (SA8000 Auditors). Their objective is to control that these regulations are correctly followed. To fulfil our social responsibility in an optimal way INTERSPORT has become a member of FTA (Foreign Trade Association) and their Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

Our objective is to introduce recognized social standards to all our supplier companies operating in risk countries and to monitor them. This initiative is accompanied by state and external partners, thereby guaranteeing the independence of the audits.

If you have any questions or comments regarding INTERSPORT International’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities please contact us.